What’s the water temperature?

The water temperature will be around 21-18 ºC (70-64 ºF), so the wetsuit is necessary.

Are there jellyfish?

It’s not very usual find jellyfish in this moment of the year.

How is the weather in Gandía in October?

Gandía is in Spanish Levante, it’s one of the warmest areas of Spain. Temperature in October is maximum average of 24 ºC (75 ºF) and minimum average of 15 ºC (59ºF).

Is there a lot of wind in Gandía?

In Gandía there can be easterly or westerly wind, from midday el Garbí enters. The Bike course that runs parallel to the sea will be affected by easterly or westerly wind if one of them is blowing.

How is the road surface?

The road surface is completely new and perfect for the Bike course, extremely flat course. .

About the race formalities, nutrition, Special Need bags, etc

Before the race
1) Bike Park opening at 05:00
2) Keep time to pump the tyres, place the containers, etc. You can access to Bike Park until 06:45. You won’t have access to transition zone in the moments previous to the start.
3) Warm up since 06:30 and forward in the zone closet o the swim start. Check that you have your swim cap with the number, chip and goggles.
4) Relax and focus on the swim segment. Think about your strategy!
5) Single start. Pro athletes start from a zone closer to the water. The athletes of the age groups start 20 metres behind.
6)The Special Need bags of Bike and Run must be left before entering the check in zone the day of the race.
1) You are responsible of guaranteeing that your number is visible during the whole race. In the back for the bike segment and in the front for the run segment.
2) Place the number using a race belt or a safety pin.

1) The wetsuit (if it’s permitted) can be taken off in any moment in the way from the exit of the water to the transition tent, but you must carry it with you and leave it in the appropriate place in the transition tent.
2) You must take your Bike Bag and change your clothes inside the transition tent and keep your swim equipment inside the Bike Bag.
3) All the time there are going to be volunteers to help you.
4) When you get out of the tent, live the Bike Bag in the appropriate place.
5) Take your bike and remember that before you start you must have the helmet on and correctly fasten. You can only go on the bike and start pedaling in the marked point.

1) Remember you must step on the carpet so the chip can control your time. You must get off the bike in the indicated point that will be properly marked. Going on the bike in the transition zone is not allowed.
2) Take your bike to the point marked with your number, where you picked it up previously.
3) Take your Run Bag and change clothes in the transition tent.
4) Leave your bag in the place assigned for it and start running.

About accommodation

Official ICAN agency TRAVEL TRIATHLON can help you organize your trip to Gandía (

Is it safe travel by public transportation?

Gandía is a safe city and it’s possible get around by bike, has a great network of public service, both bus, train and taxi.

Can I get around by bike in Gandía?

Yes, you can use the bike in Gandía..

Bike rental

Ask for information in

Where can I easily find information about touristic attractions?

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How do I register?

You can register on line in our website. You can also contact with us for any clarification.

Why do I need a license? And how much does it cost?

The triathletes that compete in Olympic distance or long distance in Spain need a license by the Spanish Triathlon Federation or another country that is inside the ITU. The athletes that don’t have the yearly license have to buy a one-day license with a price that is individual for each event and that appears in the price tab of the website.

What does my registration include?

Your registration fee covers 2 tickets for the pasta party or brunch at the finish line, , complete aid station, accident insurance during the race, chip, race number, 3 transition bags , 2 bags of Special Need, finisher medal, finisher shirt,  backpack, bikecover,  swimming cap.

Your registration fee covers full aid station, accident insurance during the race,  chip, race bibs, 3 transition bags, finisher medal, finisher shirt, bikecover , swimming cap.

What’s the Family Lounge?

The Family Lounge is an element that makes ICAN different, where your family and companions can wait for you during and after the race and take a drink or eat something, all together. It’s the meeting point after the race.

How can I follow the participants during the race?

It’s possible follow the participants with the on line following system that will be activated in the website of each event in, introducing the name of the participant or the number you can follow the partial times.

Is there Photo service?

Yes, the prestigious company Finisher Pix is our official partner. You can acquire your photos in